A Tesla car Model S sits in a dealership in Berlin

Tesla recalls Model S and sets Model X pricing

Tesla has started recalling 90,000 of its Model S sedans to check for a possible defect in the front seat belt assemblies.

The worldwide recall mostly affects vehicles in the US with a small proportion in Europe and Asia also affected.

The car manufacturer described the cost of the recall as "immaterial" and said the problem was discovered after a single report to the company in early November from a customer.

The European customer said that the seat belt assembly broke in the front passenger seat when they turned to talk with passengers in the rear seat.

A spokesperson for Tesla has said that no accidents or injuries have occurred as a result of the manufacturing defect.

The company has emailed owners of the battery-powered luxury sedan, asking them to bring their cars to one of approximately 125 Tesla service centres worldwide for an inspection of a bolt that attaches the seat belt mechanism to the body of the car. It also said it would send technicians out to customers if necessary.

"Our investigation was unable to reveal any root cause," said the Tesla spokesman. "We are going to look at every single car."

He added: "We expect the vast majority of seat belts to be fine."

Meanwhile, Tesla also announced pricing for its Model X, the electric SUV with gullwing doors that was revealed at the end of September.

The Model X will cost $80,000 (£52,000) in the US for the basic configuration with further options available at extra cost, such as expanding the number of seats in the vehicle.

The Model X is capable of driving for 250 miles between charges, slightly less than the Model S, although its interior capacity is larger and its unique door design is intended to offer the utility of a minivan.

Last year, Tesla recalled 29,222 model S sedans over a charging defect that could lead to a fire hazard.

In 2013, it conducted a recall of 1,228 Model S sedans over the strength of a mounting bracket affecting the second row seat.

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