A smart kitchen garden can automatically take care of herbs and vegetables

Smart kitchen garden launches on Indiegogo

A smartphone connected kitchen micro-garden system capable of automatically cultivating herbs and vegetables is being launched on Indiegogo.

The Bluetooth connected hydroponic system called Growiee automatically monitors how the plants are doing and compares that with general information about a particular type of plant. It can then adjust parameters such as light, water level, watering frequency or light spectrum in order to maximise growth.

The 2kg smart kitchen garden is programmed to automatically grow lemon balm, basil, mint, thyme, mini tomatoes and chili. Thanks to the smart management, the plants can grow up to two and a half times faster than with conventional methods, the engineers behind the invention have said.

Users can monitor the system from their smartphones, both iOS and Android, even if they are not present to see how the plants are doing.

The smart micro-garden can take care of three different plants at the same time.

Growiee’s creators said that their LED lamps are up to 10 times more efficient than those currently in the market. The system uses nine LED lamps, three red, three blue and three white, to achieve optimum growing conditions.

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