A self-updating router designed to increase Internet security has reached a crowd-funding target in 24 hours

Self-updating router to increase Internet security

A router automatically installing security updates, described by its creators as more secure than anything in the market, has met its crowd-funding goal in less than 24 hours.

Launched on Indiegogo last week, the Turris Omnia router received the targeted $100,000 from its backers, enabling the team behind the project to start production of the first batch.

“A router is the most important element of any network and a gateway through which all devices in the household or office communicate with the Internet,” explained Ondrej Filip, CEO of CZ.NIC, a Czech association of Internet service providers, which developed the router.

“In our Association, from the very beginning we have been looking for ways to make the Internet a safer place for everyone and Turris Omnia is our answer.”

With conventional routers, the user is responsible for installing the security updates, which most tend to neglect. The new router, designed for the home as well as office environment, is built on an open source platform OpenWrt and has the ability to promptly respond to threats discovered on the Internet using its auto-update feature. For even greater security, the router is equipped with a special chip that handles device encryption and identification.

The router’s creators say the device can address the increased security requirements of the nascent Internet of Things.

In terms of functionality, the router can also serve as network storage, DLNA or a print server. The device is equipped with an SFP and an USB 3.0 connectors and mini-PCIe slots.

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