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Gallery: Steampunk tricycle design

Taking inspiration from 1930s aeroplanes, these retro-looking electric tricycles with a suggestion of steampunk are truly one-of-a-kind. Designed by Jeremy Davies, The Rocket has been flying off the shelves since going on sale this summer.

Davies, an eco-conscious father of two, wanted to get his young children to the beach without having to drive his car so he decided to add a box to the front of his bike. He was inundated with enquiries from passers-by after modifying it, so decided to launch his business, Boxer Cycles.

The trikes come with a rain cover for passengers. Davies, an engineer, had a commission from a customer to make the vehicle look like a rocket and this led him to take inspiration from 1930s airliners, the 1970s sci-fi film ‘Flash Gordon’ and Jules Verne novels.

Davies and his small team hand-build every tricycle and are working on a backlog of orders to fulfil demand. Above is the Brooks saddle, indicators and brake light, which come as standard. The four seats in the nose cone can fold flat to make a bed for children. There is also a locker for the helmets.

The Rocket has seven gears, comes with an electric motor that can make the tricycle hit speeds of up to 15mph, and will cost you £4,950. One trike went on display at the Design Museum in London in September after the curator spotted it at the London Bike Show.

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