The new technology could bring greater stability to the grid from renewable sources

Energy distribution system to boost renewables on the grid

Siemens and RWE are collaborating on a computer-based energy platform to aid in the distribution of power from multiple sources across the national grid.

The project, called RWE Smartpool, aims to bring greater stability to the grid which is increasingly expanding the number of sources it draws power from.

This is due to the explosion in electricity generating technologies, especially renewables, with consumers now able to generate and contribute their own power, for example from solar panels on their roofs.

The companies state that RWE Smartpool will increase grid performance by making it far easier to control the distribution of energy resources by connecting a large number of parties to the IT system such as generators, consumers and storage units.

The chief technology officer of RWE, Dr. Joachim Schneider, welcomes the cooperation with Siemens.

“Many innovative steps must be taken in order to successfully manage the energy transition to the new energy mix,” he said.

“By collaborating with Siemens, we will be able to significantly expand the benefits of new IT technology systems and thus provide customers and grid operators with efficient solutions for their business.”

Siemens is to license its ‘DEMS (decentralised energy management system)’ for the project which is based on EnergyIP, the company’s platform for smart grid applications.

“With this technologically leading system, RWE will be well equipped to meet the challenges of an increasingly digitalised energy world,” said Thomas Zimmermann with the Siemens energy management division.

The inconsistency of renewable energy production is one reason why power grids are still reliant on fossil fuels. For example, solar panels cannot generate energy at night and wind turbines do not work when the air is still.

Earlier this year, Tesla unveiled a home battery system that is designed to store energy for use when renewable sources are not generating, or when electricity rates are in expensive peak times.

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