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Lexus car made of cardboard

Cardboard creation: the Lexus Origami Car

A drive-able full-size model car built from precision-cut card was an eye-catching attraction at October's Grand Designs Live show in Birmingham.

Japanese car manufacturer Lexus has unveiled a brand new design of the IS Saloon model - built from individually shaped pieces of cardboard on a steel and aluminium frame. The ‘Origami Car’ is a one-off artwork that was commissioned as a celebration of the craftsmanship demonstrated by Lexus master car-makers, known as Takumi, who refine their dexterity skills by folding origami using only their non-dominant hand.

Assembled by hand from 1,700 fully recyclable laser-cut cardboard sheets, the car took a team of five professional designers and modellers from LaserCut Works and Scales and Models three months to build.

Modelled exactly on the company’s IS Saloon, the cardboard car is complete with a fully-fitted interior, functioning doors, headlights and rolling wheels.

The cardboard Lexus is fully functional, and comes with an electric motor allowing it to be driven - although its top speed remains a mystery.

Materials were supplied by packaging manufacturer DS Smith, with each layer of cardboard assigned a unique reference number to ensure that they were assembled in the right sequence. A water-based wood glue was then used to carefully stick each layer together.

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