A new app will help truck drivers spot illegal migrants hiding in their vehicles

Anti-immigrant system launched for truck drivers

A system designed to prevent illegal migrants from hiding in lorries to cross borders has been developed by a UK security expert.

The Driver Buddy System uses infrared motion cameras on board and underneath the truck, as well as CO2 sensors channeling information into a mobile app that allows the truck drivers to constantly monitor their vehicles, even if they are not on site.

Through the system, the driver can also obtain photographic evidence of statutory checks that automatically records location, time, date and the driver’s identification.

“It’s bombproof photographic and real-time evidence that the checks have been carried out,” said Steve Morgan from East Sussex-based logistics firm Dobbs Logistics that has been trialling the system. “We can see what checks have been done, at what time and the exact spot they were carried out. It’s no comparison to manual forms that drivers fill out at present – they are not worth the paper they are written on.”

The system was developed by Barry Southon, a security expert with experience from the US Military as well as the UK Home Office.

“What drivers and haulage companies will have is peace of mind that they won’t face legal recrimination if a migrant is found,” Southan said. “They will have evidence that they have carried out the relevant statutory checks at the start of their journey and have on-board monitoring in place to provide an added level of security."

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