AmpliTube Acoustic is the first mobile tone app dedicated to acoustic guitar players and works in tandem with the iRig Acoustic hardware

Acoustic guitarists enter the AmpliTube world with iRig Acoustic

IK Multimedia has followed the recent announcement of its flagship electric guitar amplifier simulation software, AmpliTube 4, with two new releases dedicated to acoustic guitar players – the iRig Acoustic mobile microphone/audio interface and AmpliTube Acoustic.

IK’s iRig range of interfaces for electric guitars are the best-selling mobile audio interfaces of all time. Now, for the first time, players of any acoustic instrument with a soundhole can play, write and record with the same ease and flexibility, using iRig Acoustic for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or Android.

Acoustic guitars are normally close-miked, the sound engineer usually placing a microphone close to the soundhole. The iRig Acoustic device is designed to similarly capture the full-frequency range, tonal character, complex harmonics and overtones of acoustic guitars, courtesy of an advanced MEMS (micro-electrical mechanical system) microphone with an omnidirectional polar pattern.

The iRig Acoustic clips on to the instrument’s soundhole and captures all the sonic vibrations that occur while it is being played, taking an holistic picture of the sound. Piezo-electric pickups and magnetics typically capture only the vibrations of the body top or the strings. In conjunction with the AmpliTube Acoustic app’s calibration process, whereby the instrument’s unique frequency response is analysed and optimised, iRig Acoustic should deliver the best sound.

The thin cable extending from iRig Acoustic can easily be taped to the guitar body to keep it out of the way of the player’s hands. The unit connects to the user’s computer or mobile device via 1/8” jack. The hardware also has a stereo output jack on the in-line cable that can be used with headphones for practice and monitoring. The same jack can be used as a line-out to send a signal to a mixer or power speaker for practice and live performance.

To extend the instrument calibration feature, the AmpliTube Acoustic app also stores profiles of individual instruments which can then be recalled from the app when the player changes instruments, e.g. from a small-bodied parlour guitar to a jumbo acoustic or a 12-string.

As with any AmpliTube product, the new acoustic app also features multiple amplifiers, (acoustic-specific) effects pedals and other sound-enhancing tools specifically designed for acoustic players, such as graphic and parametric EQs, a 12-string emulator, an octave pedal, a feedback notch filter and a "Body Modeler" that lets users transform the sound of their acoustic into a different style of guitar.

The app also includes songwriting tools for musicians, such as IK’s strobe-quality UltraTuner, a four-track Looper and a full eight-track recorder.

The iRig Acoustic mic/interface is available now from the IK online store and music retailers for €49.99. AmpliTube Acoustic is available on the App Store in the UK for £7.99. Additional amp models, effects and features are available via in-app purchase.

E&T will be reviewing both products in the coming weeks.

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