A man on a hoverboard

So where's my hoverboard?

When McFly travels Back to the Future (II and III), it’s October 2015 - wait, that’s now! So how far have we actually come in hoverboard technology? Not far enough for Marty, it seems...

Hoverboard Technologies

This self-balancing board might make you feel like you’re travelling on air, with its central motorised 25cm wheel. You can go as fast as 25km/h and ride for up to 35km with an extended battery. It has a ‘smart’ drive and comes with lights, speakers, ground-detecting sonar and LCD displays. Hoverboard Technologies is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund a production run.

The Lexus ‘Slide’ hoverboard

In the image alongside, pro skater Ross McGouran tests out the design, which does actually hover! However, it requires a custom-built skatepark containing permanent magnets, so it can only operate on ground specifically designed for it.
The ‘Slide’ is made from an insulated core containing high-temperature superconducting blocks contained in cryostats - reservoirs of liquid nitrogen.

The famous hoverboard in ‘Back to the Future’ II and III, where Marty McFly uses it for his personal transportation. So far, nobody has been able to replicate what the original hoverboard could do in the films, but we’re getting closer.

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