ONZO will help customers reduce energy consumption

ONZO secures smart-funding to tackle energy 'trilemma'

Global data science software company ONZO has been awarded £747,000 in funding from the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK, to fund a two-year project to stimulate energy efficiency and tackle fuel poverty in the UK.

The company specialises in compiling and analysing energy data taken from household sensors, to give customers personal insights into their household energy usage, allowing them to make smart decisions regarding their consumption.

Working with a new energy provider in Scotland, ONZO will present customers with personalised information and advice on their energy usage, helping to identify energy wastage and reduce demand during peak times.

Reducing overall energy usage during times of high demand will decrease the total level of energy required, as well as helping to limit reliance on the carbon-intensive ‘peaking’ power stations, thereby reducing emissions and facilitating the push towards renewable energy. 

“This project will allow energy companies to actively engage with consumers in an effective way, while addressing the global challenge of the energy trilemma,” said Spencer Rigler, CEO of ONZO. “ONZO’s insight will help to increase energy efficiency, bring clarity to consumers’ energy bills and ultimately, save them money.”

As well as helping to reduce overall energy consumption, allowing customers to personal insights into their energy usage will assist those who struggle with high energy bill in the winter, by allowing them to better manage their energy use throughout the year.

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