Leonardo DiCaprio stands with Formula E chief executive Alejandro Agag

DiCaprio to chair Formula E Sustainability Commission

Formula E, the electric vehicle racing competition, has announced the creation of a Sustainability Committee to be chaired by actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

The new body will focus on Formula E’s contributions to promoting the mass use of electric vehicles, with particular regard to urban mobility.

The committee will also assess the long-term impact of the championship on the cities where it races, in terms of both infrastructure and education.

It will meet to exchange ideas on how to tackle some of the world’s most pressing environmental issues.

DiCaprio will be joined on the committee by the chief executive of Formula E Holdings, Alejandro Agag, along with other prominent sustainability experts.

Speaking to Agog in St Tropez after the announcement, DiCaprio said he had been inspired to promote awareness of climate change after speaking to then US Vice President Al Gore about the issue in the late 1990s.

“The committee, by uniting the top 10 global mobility and innovation players on the subject of sustainability, sends a clear sign that we are on the front lines of helping to solve the climate crisis. Formula E provides these players with a strong collective global voice,” he said.

“Sustainable business is the way of the future. I applaud companies like Formula E, for launching a global electric car championship, and Apple, which operates on 100 per cent renewables in the US, and Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway Energy that is ditching coal in favour of renewable energy sources.”

“One of the most important ways to reduce pollution in cities is through investing in smart transportation solutions. This is where electric cars come into play, because the more electric cars on the road, means improved air quality to benefit both people and the planet.”

DiCaprio later confirmed that he uses an electric car and praised the vehicles for being easy to drive and fast.

The primary goal of Formula E, the FIA global electric racing championship, is to promote electric vehicles with the purpose of changing the perception of electric cars and to promote new technologies for cleaner mobility.

The Regera electric supercar was unveiled in March at the Geneva Motor Show which boasted record-breaking acceleration from a gearless electric motor.

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