AmpliTube 4: for those about to rock, it salutes you

AmpliTube 4 ready to rock all devices and platforms

Music software developer IK Multimedia has announced AmpliTube 4, the latest version of its flagship virtual guitar and bass amplifier collection, along with a new stereo hardware audio interface for Mac, PC, Android and iOS.

A major upgrade to the comprehensive guitar and bass tone studio, AmpliTube 4 includes what IK claims to be the most advanced speaker cabinet section ever developed, along with new speaker modelling, five new British amplifiers, a new acoustic simulator pedal, a built-in 8-track audio recording DAW and more.

IK’s focus for AmpliTube 4 was on the software’s "hyperrealism", enabling users to interact with and experience the virtual gear in a way that feels almost as natural as working with a physical piece of gear in the room.

The new Cab Room lets users mic their cabinets in a fully selectable 3D recording environment, employing one or two microphones which can be precisely placed to find the speaker “sweet spot”, as in a real-world situation. Cabinets can be customised with different individually modelled speakers - AmpliTube 4 comes with 29 vintage and modern speakers to choose from. A dedicated mixer allows the musician to mix the levels of their speaker mics, room ambience, and direct amp signal.

Five complete classic British amplifier models with matching cabinets are also provided, each modelled utilising a IK technology that precisely replicates the dynamic interaction between the power amp and the speakers.

Other new features include the Acoustic Sim pedal, to transform an electric guitar signal into an acoustic guitar sound; the UltraTuner for strobe-like digital tuning accuracy; and Looper, a 4-track MIDI-controllable recorder/looper tool. AmpliTube 4 now also includes a full 8-track DAW with per-track EQ, pan, level, mute and solo functions.

Different versions of the software are available: the core AmpliTube 4 product is the major upgrade for existing users of any AmpliTube products - as well as new users – and this comes with nine amplifiers, 10 stompboxes, 10 cabinets, 29 vintage and modern speaker models, three microphones, two rack effects and two tuners. Players can also restore any previously purchased gear models using the "Restore my gear" feature in the AmpliTube Custom Shop.

AmpliTube 4 is available now via the IK Online Store and from select music instrument retailers for €149.99 or 150 Gear Credits from the AmpliTube Custom Shop online.

On the hardware side, IK has also announced the iRig Pro Duo, the first self-powered dual-channel professional mobile audio interface for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android and Mac/PC.

A highly compact dual-channel audio/MIDI interface, measuring 130 x 75 x 38 mm, the iRig Pro DUO features two XLR/TRS combo audio input jacks with gain controls and phantom power; two ultra-low noise/high-headroom preamps for simultaneous two-channel recording; high-end 24-bit AD/DA converters; MIDI IN/OUT jacks for connecting controllers and other MIDI devices (the required TRS to MIDI-DIN cables are included); a stereo pair of TRS-balanced output jacks and a 1/8” headphone out with dedicated level control.

The device can also be entirely self-powered via two AA batteries, as well as accepting USB power when connected to an appropriate host device, such as a Mac or PC.
Utilising high-grade analogue circuitry and a “no-compromise power supply design”, IK claims the iRig Pro Duo can provide studio-quality sound on the go. The dual XLR/TRS audio input jacks accept guitars, basses, keyboards, line-level instruments and microphones, capturing 24-bit audio.

The dual inputs can accommodate high-end phantom-powered condenser microphones, with 48V phantom power available with the flip of a switch. Recordings can be monitored with zero latency via either its two balanced TRS outputs or via the headphone out jack.

The iRig Pro DUO's balanced outputs have a totally floating design, which protect them from potential ground loop issues and buzz when performing onstage with iOS devices or laptops.

iRig Pro DUO is available now from music retailers worldwide and direct from the IK online store for €199.99.

E&T will be reviewing both products in the coming weeks.

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