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The BattleView 360 system will be demonstrated on the CV90 tracked vehicle at the DSEI exhibition

Tank technology lets commander 'see through' armour

A new situational awareness system will let armoured vehicle commanders 'see through' their vehicles to get a 360-degree view of what is around them.

Developed by defence firm BAE Systems, the BattleView 360 is a digital mapping system that uses cameras and sensors to track the positions of all surrounding features of interest in both two and three-dimensional modes.

A specially designed headset can be synced to vehicle cameras to allow commanders to 'see through' their vehicles in both visual and infra-red in real-time, or alternatively the feed can be transmitted to a touch-screen display.

The live-feed will be overlaid with information from other vehicle systems and the touch-screen display can be used to identify friendly and enemy forces, for route planning and to let the commander view the display of other crew members, such as the gunner.

"Knowing what is going on around you has always been a challenge for armoured vehicle crews inside noisy machines with limited visibility," said Peder Sjölund, technology manager at BAE Systems Hägglunds, a subsidiary of BAE Systems in the United States.

"BattleView 360 builds on years of work across BAE Systems to improve situational awareness and integrate information so that crew workload is reduced and they can make fast, yet effective, decisions. The result is increased battlefield effectiveness and survivability."

The system will be demonstrated on the CV90 tracked vehicle at the DSEI exhibition taking place in London, from 15 to 18 September, but it has been designed to seamlessly integrate with various vehicles, systems and radios.

Development of intelligent turret technology based on similar principles is being carried out by BAE Systems Combat Vehicles (UK), the company said in a statement.

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