Smart lighting can save money and optimise human performance

Smart lighting installation to be revealed in Scotland

A smart connected lighting installation designed to optimise human performance, said to be Europe’s first, will be unveiled in Glasgow next month.

The Power over Ethernet lighting installation, to be located in the Technical Innovation Centre of the University of Strathclyde, uses LED technology that can reduce energy consumption by 75 per cent, the firm behind the project said.

The system, jointly developed by Cisco and Middlesbrough-headquartered amBX, was said to improve human well-being and performance by regulating colour and intensity of artificial light and taking into account users' needs as well as environmental factors.

The smart software behind the system takes into account factors such as the amount of ambient daylight, time of day, temperature or the occupancy of the space.

"Complex programming has long been the Achilles heel of lighting control,” explained Neil Macdonald, COO of amBX.

“Controlling lighting using Power over Ethernet lights in this way will enable building owners and users to use richer, bio-adaptive lighting in new ways to create healthier, more productive workspaces and environments."

The system also considers the biological cycles, or circadian rhythms, of the the occupants of the rooms to optimise their performance by regulating the light intensity and colour.

The system, which could also be combined with daylight harvesting technology is a spin-off from Phillips Research and can work with existing lighting technology  and control protocols.

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