The newly developed electric super-car will supposedly exceed some of the capabilities of the acclaimed Tesla P85D

Graphene fuel cell electric supercar planned to take on Ferrari

An electric supercar powered by a graphene-based hydrogen fuel cell with better performance than a Ferrari is being developed by a newly established consortium. 

The car, to be named Edison Electron One, will be the first project of the newly established Edison Motor Cars – a partnership between Sunvault Energy, the Edison Power Company and Delaware Corporation.

The firms said Edison Electron One, to be unveiled in 2016, will be equipped with an electric drive unit at each wheel, providing the vehicle with 1,355 Newton meters of torque, which is almost double that of a Ferrari 488 GTB and one third more than that of the Tesla P85D.

The firms said they are building the car to demonstrate their graphene-integrated hydrogen fuel cell technology.

"The fuel cell will be powered by an on-demand hydrogen generation unit built into the car and will only require water," said Robert Murray-Smith, Director of Sunvault Energy.

The car will be able to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in about two seconds and will be rechargeable in five minutes, the firms said.

Edison Motor Cars will only make the car available to customers on a special-order basis.

"We are excited to be producing this truly revolutionary automobile that will put our Graphene Energy Storage Device front and centre on the world stage at the simple turn of a key", stated Sunvault Energy Chief Executive Officer Gary Monaghan. "The Electron One will not only be able to challenge any vehicle in performance, but will also be fully flexible, functional and convenient, just as a fuel-filled vehicle is today.”

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