The hyperloop transportation project is getting more serious with former Cisco president as a CEO

Former Cisco president Rob Lloyd named Hyperloop CEO

Former Cisco Systems president Rob Lloyd will lead research firm Hyperloop Technologies in its quest to create a futuristic vacuum tube technology designed to revolutionise transportation.

Networking technology expert Lloyd has stepped down from his position in Cisco, where was responsible for development and sales, earlier this year. 

"This is an incredible opportunity to dramatically impact the trillion-dollar transportation industry,” Lloyd said.

“Hyperloop is the fifth mode of transport and will be the most efficient transportation network ever seen. I'm hugely impressed by the team and the vision of this company and the brilliant team committed to making the hyperloop a reality.”

Lloyd, who is also an investor in Hyperloop, will join the company’s board of directors. He will lead the 50-strong Hyperloop team developing a test track at the company's 5,100 square meter site in the downtown Los Angeles Arts District.

Originally proposed by SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, the Hyperloop concept consists of a full-length tube built between destinations. Inside the tube is a controlled environment, in which pods with passengers and cargo can travel at extremely fast speeds.

Lloyd’s main task will be to create and leverage global relationships and partnerships as the firm edges towards the launch of the test track, planned for late 2016 or early 2017.

"When I founded this company with Brogan BamBrogan in 2014, we knew that when the time was right we would need a world-class operator to lead it," said Shervin Pishevar, Hyperloop Technologies' co-founder.

"Rob Lloyd is perfectly suited to lead this company given his incredible 20+ year track record of innovating and disrupting. Rob helped build the network that moved bits in the digital era and now he will help change the world again by building the network that will move people and things faster than ever before possible.”

Together with Lloyd, former Snapchat COO Emily While will join Hyperloop as an adviser on board and observer. 

Hyperloop Technologies hopes its technology will be ready for commercial deployment in 2020.

The firm, relying on the crowdsourcing approach, expects to announce major technology developments and partnerships next year. In addition to the 50 core employees, it cooperates with hundreds of researchers and engineers from around the world.

"The amount of innovation happening within the walls of our office every day is astounding," said Brogan BamBrogan, CTO and co-founder of Hyperloop Technologies. "It’s rare as an engineer to have the chance to solve really big problems and while building the Hyperloop is a massive undertaking, it is now an engineering certainty.”

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