A match between Flavia Pennetta and Monica Niculescu was interrupted after a drone crashed into a seating area at US Open

Drone crash interrupts US Open

A 26-year-old teacher has been arrested after crashing a drone into an empty seating section during a tennis match at the US Open last night.

The crash, during which the drone completely disintegrated, forced a brief interruption in the match between Italian Flavia Pennetta and Romanian Monica Niculescu.

Police accused the perpetrator, named as Daniel Verley from Brooklyn, of reckless endangerment and operating the drone outside a prescribed area.

A US Tennis Association spokesman said no one was injured.

The black drone crossed the court in Louis Armstrong Stadium, which has a seating capacity of about 10,000. Pennetta and Niculescu were originally scheduled to play on the much smaller Court 17, but their match was moved after four earlier matches wrapped up early.

Pennetta said she heard the drone fly by and was not sure what it was, but her initial reaction was that it might have been a bomb.

"The chair umpire just wanted to wait for an okay from the police to be able to continue even if, truthfully, I don't think even they knew what it was."

She said her coach and physical therapist were sitting in the opposite end of the stadium from where the drone crashed and told her later they were afraid, too.

"All of these (security measures), and then it comes in from above," Pennetta said.

"If there had been spectators, it would have hit them and done a lot of damage," the player added.

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