The drones can be controlled at a range of up to 90m by a mobile app

Smartphone-controlled gaming drones out in December

A new range of smartphone-controlled gaming drones will be shipped to customers in December after the firm behind them achieved its crowdfunding goal.

Designed by German start-up TobyRich, the new fixed wing drones can be controlled from as far as 90m away via a mobile app, which will let users take part in multi-player air battles and races as well as carry out a number of stunts in single player mode.

The firm's entry level model, the, uses BluetoothSmart technology to communicate with the users smartphone as well as GPS for flight planning and will be delivered to customers this December after the firm reached their funding goal of $100,000 on KickStarter yesterday.

The firm is also working on two more advanced designs, the which features an HD camera and the, which has larger wings and is 4G/LTE-enabled boosting the drone's range and allowing the user to stream video live on their smartphone.

Ulrich Ditschler, CEO and co-­founder of TobyRich, said: "Our goal is to combine the passion of flying with dramatic action of video games to create a brand new gaming experience. We want to revolutionize the e-­sports industry.”

With a flight time of 20 minutes, a highly durable and crash resistant design, auto stabilization and wind compensation features and an emergency 'return to pilot' button the drones are suitable for both indoor and outdoor flying.

Positioning is provided by the Nano Hornet, the world’s smallest GPS module with an integrated antenna, from Origin GPS, which tracks the location of all drones and pilots involved in a game and lets users map routes for the built in auto pilot.

The app that comes with the drone gives the user real time information on their drone's altitude, speed, signal strength and battery life and controls for thrust and hover and loop-the-loop modes.

It also allows the user to challenge friends to a race or dogfight and people without a drone can download the app to join in a battle as an anti-aircraft gunner.

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