An older version of Iran's Fetah missile

Iran unveils new solid-fuel pin-point accurate missile

Iran has unveiled a new solid-fuel missile on Saturday, saying the weapon could hit targets with pin-point accuracy within a 500-km range.

The surface-to-surface Fateh 313 missile was revealed during Iran’s Defence Industry Day, only a month after the country agreed with the international community on a deal limiting its nuclear programme.

According to that deal, any transfer to Iran of ballistic missile technology during the next eight years will be subject to the approval of the United Nations Security Council, with the US pledging to veto any such requests. An arms embargo on conventional weapons also stays in place, preventing their import and export for five years.

In return, Iran has said it will not follow parts of the nuclear deal that restricts its military capabilities, a stance reaffirmed by President Hassan Rouhani on Saturday.

"We will buy, sell and develop any weapons we need and we will not ask for permission or abide by any resolution for that," he said in a speech at the unveiling ceremony broadcast live on state television.

"We can negotiate with other countries only when we are powerful. If a country does not have power and independence, it cannot seek real peace," he said.

According to Iran’s ministry of defence, the new missile has already been successfully tested and mass-production is underway.

Iran has one of the largest missile programmes in the Middle East. It wants to export arms to its allies in the region and import anti-missile systems to prevent any possible attack by its arch-foe, Israel.

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