The OnHub automatically updates with new features and the latest security upgrades

Google OnHub Wi-Fi router launched for connected homes

Google has launched a state-of-the-art Wi-Fi router that can boost network performance and support connected home devices.

The cylinder-shaped device called OnHub scans the airwaves during setup to select the best channel for the fastest connection, according to a Google blog post, and smart software automatically adjusts the device in the background to avoid interference and keep the network at peak performance.

The router, manufactured by network company TP-LINK, will let users prioritise devices so they can get the fastest Internet speeds for data-heavy activities such as downloading content or streaming a movie. The OnHub can be combined with Google's On smartphone app to run network checks and keep track of bandwidth use.

"While we count on Wi-Fi more than ever to be entertained, productive and stay connected, we’re streaming and sharing in new ways our old routers were never built to handle," said group product manager Trond Wuellner in the blog post.

"Today, with our partner TP-LINK, we’re launching OnHub, a different kind of router for a new way to Wi-Fi. Instead of headaches and spotty connections, OnHub gives you Wi-Fi that’s fast, secure and easy to use.

Google said OnHub also automatically updates with new features and the latest security upgrades, just like the company's Android OS and Chrome browser, and can support smart devices using Bluetooth Smart Ready, Weave or 802.15.4 Internet of Things (IoT) protocols.

The product is likely to be aimed at boosting the company's presence in the connected home market. In 2014, Google bought Nest, a smart thermostat maker, for $3.2bn (£2bn), aiming to lead the way on how household devices link to each other and to electricity grids.

The global market for IoT, the concept of connecting household devices to the Internet, will nearly triple to $1.7tn by 2020, according to research firm International Data Corp.

The OnHub can be pre-ordered for $199.99 at online retailers including the Google Store, and

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