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Cardiff launches National Software Academy

A new software engineering degree programme at Cardiff University will equip graduates with on-the-job experience.

In collaboration with the Welsh government, Cardiff University has launched a National Software Academy, developed to train the next generation of software engineers in Wales.

Run in partnership with the Alacrity Foundation, the three-year degree programme in applied software engineering has been set up to address the current demand for skilled software engineers in Wales and will be delivered at Platfform, home of the Welsh government’s new digital innovation company in Newport.

Market research undertaken by the Welsh government predicts that industries in Wales demand 2,700 qualified software engineers each year. The supply of skilled graduates from universities is low, which means the demand is currently not being met.

To tackle these issues, students enrolled at the National Software Academy will work on real-life projects throughout their studies under the mentorship of experienced industry-based software engineers.

“When we talk to our partners in business and industry, they tell us that they need more graduates leaving university with the right skills for the 21st century workplace. They need graduates with more on-the-job experience and interaction with businesses throughout their studies,” says Professor Karen Holford, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Cardiff University’s College of Physical Sciences and Engineering.

“The National Software Academy will address these issues and provide our students with a distinctive educational experience that ensures they stand out from the crowd. Students will graduate as highly employable leaders in their field with the vocational edge needed in today’s workplace.”

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