Smart motorways get green light in the UK

Three smart motorway projects have been given the green light on highways in the UK paving the way for smart, integrated transport systems on the road.

The Jacobs engineering group, in a joint venture with the Atkins engineering group, has been awarded the contract to provide designs for three smart motorway systems by 2021.

The projects will include extra lane miles being installed between junctions 13 to 15 of the M6, junctions 3 to 5 of the M20, and junctions 8 to 10 of the M23, and will provide traffic information to road users and enable improved monitoring of traffic levels for highway services.

Bob Duff, vice president of Jacobs Group, said: “These intelligent transport solutions are an important part of developing the UK’s transportation infrastructure. We are delighted to be working with Atkins and the other partners to support project delivery. Having worked with Highways England for more than 25 years, Jacobs understands HE’s vision for enhancing road user experience on England’s motorways.”

The smart motorway initiatives will aim to reduce congestion and make roads more reliable for motorists and will employ various technologies to vary speed limits on specific sections of highway and manage lane provision in response to driving conditions. The three projects will form part of the UK government’s £15bn investment in Highways England promised up to 2021.  

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