A drone came within 300ft of the Lufthansa plane

Drone in near-miss with Lufthansa plane

A drone nearly collided with a Lufthansa plane as it approached Warsaw international airport, Polish officials have revealed.

The incident happened about three miles from the airport as the plan arrived from Munich at about 4pm local time yesterday afternoon, according to Warsaw airport spokesman Przemyslaw Przybylski.

The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) came within 300ft of the plane, he said, adding that Polish police are investigating the incident to determine who was operating the drone, which should not have been flying in that location.

Mikolaj Karpinski, of the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency, told the TVN24 broadcaster that the pilots immediately reported the drone to air traffic controllers, who redirected the plane. He added that he considered the incident to be serious.

A drone had a near-miss with a plane at Heathrow Airport last July that resulted in calls for tougher regulations of the booming UAV sector as well as stricter requirements for their operators.

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