The ARID team in microgravity [credit �ESA-A. Le Floc'h]

ESA microgravity student programme returns

The European Space Agency's (ESA) 'Fly Your Thesis!' programme is back, following a three-year hiatus.

The ‘Fly Your Thesis!’ programme offers master’s and PhD students to design, build and fly scientific or technology-related experiments in microgravity. These conditions, the same as astronauts experience in space, gives researchers access to experimental conditions that are impossible to reproduce on the ground.

To apply, interested student teams must propose an experiment as part of their research projects that requires microgravity conditions to be performed and that can be run on parabolic flights. 

From here the ESA will shortlist up to 15 teams that will be asked to develop their proposal and attend a workshop this coming December where the students can put forward their proposals to a panel of experts.

Four teams will then be chosen to undertake their experiments during an ESA Microgravity Research Campaign that is expected to take place in autumn 2016, where they will work alongside renouned European scientists. They will also be offered mentoring by a member of the European Low Gravity Research Association (ELGRA) to help further develop their investigations.

Applications are now open and the deadline for entry is 21 September. Find out more.

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