Audio impaired are all ears for personalised acoustic apps

Two new apps from Sennheiser Streaming Technologies will soon allow people who suffer from hearing loss to tailor volume levels to their individual needs while viewing public performances.

The Cinema Connect and MobileConnect apps being launched this summer allow users to adjust the tone being broadcast through a set of earphones to make the volume softer or deeper. This is currently not possible with hearing aids without consulting an acoustics expert.

Dr. Jan Rennies, Head of group at the Fraunhofer Institute for digital Media Technology who conducted the research behind the project, said: “Our technology, which is integrated into the apps, does not just enhance the sound volume; rather it lets the theatre attendee individually adjust the sound.”

The apps are being aimed to encouraging people with hearing difficulties to attend theatre performances or cinema screenings that they might have previously avoided due to laughter or noise from fellow audience members drowning out the audio coming through their existing hearing aids.

The technology behind the two apps takes the audio from a streaming server and then reproduces the data on the user’s smartphone. It can also be used to transmit the audio to Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids.

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