IK Multimedia's AmpliTube amp sim app is now available for Android users

Android devices amped up with iRig UA

Italian music software developer IK Multimedia has announced iRig UA and AmpliTube UA, the first universal guitar interface and companion app for Android devices.

Following on from the release of IK's iRig HD interface for Apple's iOS devices in 2014, iRig UA works on any smartphone or tablet that supports Android 4.2 or higher and host mode/USB OTG.

The iRig UA hardware features a first-of-its-kind built-in digital signal processor (DSP) that solves the issue of inconsistent OS latency on the Android platform by moving all processing out of software and on to the hardware.

The hardware pairs with IK's AmpliTube UA amp-simulation app software, powered by the DSP, on any smartphone or tablet, enabling high-quality, real-time effects processing on an Android device from any manufacturer, e.g. Samsung, Sony, Motorola, LG, HTC and Xiaomi. AmpliTube provides the user with a vast collection of virtual amplifiers and effects pedals to create a personalised dream guitar or bass rig.

The iRig UA hardware features a 1/4” input for a guitar, bass or other line-level instrument and a 1/8” auxiliary input that lets musicians connect any sound source so they can jam along using AmpliTube's amps. The audio signals run through a 32-bit digital signal processor; 24-bit A/D converters offering 44.1/48KHz sample rates; a high-definition, low-noise preamp; 1/8” headphone output and volume control; a multicolor level-indicator LED; and a micro-USB-to-OTG port.

Samsung Professional Audio Devices (with Android 5.0 and later) also offer additional functionality, as iRig UA can be used as a digital audio interface with Samsung Soundcamp, a full-fledged DAW music studio app similar to Apple's GarageBand and WaveMachine Labs' Auria DAWs on iOS.

iRig UA is available now from music and electronics retailers worldwide and from the IK online store for $/€99.99 (excluding taxes). The AmpliTube UA app is also available now as a complementary download from the Google Play store.



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