A mother-board integrated into a sheet could monitor quality of sleep

Sleep-monitoring bed-sheets invented

A Mexican researcher has invented a motherboard that can make bed-sheets smart, enabling them to measure quality and duration of sleep.

The invention by Paulino Vacas Jacques, a specialist in infrared physics from Mexico’s Innovation Park De La Salle in Guanajuato, is a simple card with sensors that can be integrated into sheets and covers.

Vacas Jacques believes the device could help doctor’s monitor and better understand the condition of patients with sleep disorders and depressions. To facilitate sharing of sleep data, the card contains a radio transmitter that can send data directly to the physician.

"In particular, the technology would be aimed at people who suffer from depression and are under medical treatment because it will be an effective tool to know how many hours of sleep the patient is getting," Vacas Jacques said.

The major advantage of the smart bed sheet is the fact that they allow the patient sleep completely undisturbed.

Vacas Jacques now wants to invite other developers to propose applications for the device. He believes the technology could find use in many areas including healthcare and sports.

"The technology-based invention is for individual use, and allows developing a series of products based on the development, in this case the mother card is the base to form different kinds of products,” the researcher said.

"Interested companies will acquire a package of technological base for developing a series of products to operate commercially. For example, if a company is interested in the system it can be particularized specifically to the area where it is desired to be used." 

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