Apple leads the pack in green tech

Apple continues to take lead in renewable energy initiatives among tech companies, but it’s bad news for Amazon featuring much lower in rankings, according to a Greenpeace report.

Greenpeace’s annual report Clicking Green into 13 major tech companies puts Apple first, the only one to score 100 per cent on the Clean Energy Index, Yahoo second with a total of 73 per cent and eBay last at 10 per cent.

Apple has been making notable efforts on the clean energy front with most of its planned data centre expansions aligned to it. The new data HQ in Arizona will be powered by solar, plus more renewable energy plans will be rolled out in China and green data centres will be built in both Ireland and Denmark.

Google scored 46 per cent mostly due to its use of public utilities rather than renewable energy sources.

“Google continues to match Apple in deploying renewable energy with its expansion in some markets, but its march toward 100 per cent renewable energy is increasingly under threat by monopoly utilities for several data centres,” the report said.

Apple was also the only company to earn A grades across the board for transparency in its energy sources, commitment and policy to renewable energy, energy efficiency and migration, and renewable energy advocacy. Facebook was close with three As and B, but no other company replicated the grades.

The companies that were put under the microscope were Akamai, Amazon, Apple, eBay, Facebook, Google, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Rackspace, Salesforce, and Yahoo.

Amazon didn’t get much praise despite its alleged efforts to adopt a 100 per cent renewable energy goal. Greenpeace said that unlike Apple, Facebook or Google, it lacks transparency in its energy sources. It had the fourth lowest score at 23 per cent.

The report also highlighted the rise of video streaming, which is driving growth in online footprint, power-hungry data centres and network infrastructure.

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