Airbus ordered all A400Ms to undergo safety checks following a tragic plane crash

Airbus orders checks of all A400Ms following crash

Airbus has ordered all fleets of its new military A400M planes to undergo safety checks focusing on the aircraft’s electrical control units in the wake of the tragic crash last week.

Airbus sent an Alert Operator Transmission (AOT) to all operators of the A400Ms, informing them that a one-time specific examination of each aircraft’s engines should be performed before the aircraft’s next flight.

Operators will also have to carry out additional detailed checks in the event of any subsequent engine or ECU replacement.

Four people were killed and two severely injured in the accident that took place near an airport in Seville, Spain, on May 9.

The plane reportedly hit a pylon during an attempt to perform an emergency landing. What triggered the emergency landing has not yet been revealed.

The UK’s Ministry of Defence, who owns two A400Ms, has suspended the operations of the aircraft after the disaster, pending investigation results. 

"Until more detail about the cause of the recent A400M crash in Seville is known, the RAF has paused flying of its A400M Atlas aircraft,” said an MoD spokesman.

"As an A400M operator, the UK MoD has received an AOT from Airbus Defence and Space informing us of checks that should be made relating to aircraft engine software and we can confirm that we will carry these out."

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