Google has launched a set of tools to make staying up to date with election results simpler

UK election monitoring tools unveiled by Google

Google has unveiled a set of tools to make it easier for the public to stay up to date with the latest developments during the UK general election.

Providing users with background information about individual candidates in their constituency ahead of the election day, as well as tracking the latest result estimates, Google’s election search tools will be available in Europe for the first time.

"While Google doesn't endorse any party, we want to make information more accessible and organised for voters so they can make up their own mind,” said Verity Harding, Google’s UK head of public policy.

"In just under two weeks, millions of people in the UK will head to the polling stations for what could be the most unpredictable General Election in decades.

"With the two major parties neck-and-neck in the polls, and minor parties getting more attention than ever, the result is far from clear and voters are increasingly searching online for information they need before they cast their ballot.”

Users will be able to ask Google for information with voice search questions such as: "Who is on my ballot?".

The application will also ask for a user’s postcode, which will bring up a list of candidates in the local constituency. By tapping on a candidate’s name, the voter will have all the information about the contender available through Google’s search engine at their fingertips.

Separately, Google-owned YouTube is now focusing its Spotlight channel on the UK general election, providing videos from the campaign trail.

Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow is anchoring the channel, which is publishing a bulletin every week day on key issues, as well as information on how the electoral system works.

On election day, users of Google’s personal assistant system Now will receive the freshest updates on the results as the votes are counted.

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