Last-minute rush sees 460k register to vote in 24h

Nearly half a million people registered to secure their vote in the 2015 UK general election as the window to have their names added to the electoral roll closed at midnight on Monday.

A total of 469,047 people went online to register, as opposed to just 15,965 registering by post, smashing the previous single-day 24 hour record by more than 300,000.

Since the launch of the online registration platform in June 2014, 7.1 million people have filled in the forms to register online, while 2.1 million postal registrations were processed. More than 123,000 people registered the previous day, the third-highest 24 hour total according to government data.

Young people dominated the registration demographic breakdown on Monday, with more than 150,000 aged 25 to 34 and almost 140,000 aged 16 to 24 having filled in the form. Those 65 or over amounted to only 16,400.

The majority of the registrations were made by UK residents adding up to 458,312, followed by 9,914 registrations from British citizens living abroad, 670 from the armed forces and 151 from crown servants and British Council employees.

Polling day opens at 7am on Thursday 7 May, with polls closing at 10pm.

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