Last year's IET's Faraday Medal winner Professor Christofer Toumazou

IET looks for top achievers

The IET has launched a call for nominations for this year’s Achievement Medals, looking for the best and brightest in the engineering and technology fields.

As part of the annual awards, the IET will give out ten medals to individuals in various stages of their careers and representing various fields.

“As a world-leading professional body for engineers and technicians, we’re always excited to hear about new developments and discoveries in our sector,” said IET President William Webb. “We are looking forward to receiving nominations for fresh talent and established engineers at the top of their careers. We want to recognise achievement right across the field of engineering.”

Engineers can nominate their colleagues and peers, whose work and contribution to the development of their respective fields they consider exceptional. The nominees can be active directly in research and development or push bold engineering projects through their leadership skills.

There are four IET Prestige Medals and six IET Achievement Medals, which will be presented in a ceremony on 18 November 2015, with winners receiving up to £500.

The nominations will be open until Friday 29 May 2015 on IET’s website.

Among last year’s winners was Imperial College London Professor Christofer Toumazou, who received the most prestigious Faraday Medal for his work on new microchip technologies and personalised medicine.

The Faraday Medal, one of the four Prestige Medals, celebrates global scientific or industrial achievements that have contributed to the advancement of engineering, science and technology.

The further Prestige Medals include the Mountbatten Medal for the promotion of electronics or information technology, the Mensforth Manufacturing Gold Medal awarded to candidates who have made major contributions to the manufacturing sector and the J J Thomson Medal for Electronics celebrating candidates who have contributed to the development of electronics.

The Achievement Medals include the Sir Henry Royce Award for young professionals in IT and engineering, the Mike Sargeant Award for young engineering or IT professionals who have made significant progress in their career over more than three years and the Paul Fletcher Award for young professional volunteers for outstanding achievement in contributing to the activities of the IET.

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