EmoSPARK Cube can judge  people's emotional state based on facial expressions a voice frequencies

EmoShape's emotion engine to give gadgets personality

EmoShape is in talks with consumer electronics giant Samsung about building its Emotion Processing Unit (EPU) into smart TVs.

The EPU, which processes human emotional feedback such as facial expressions and voice frequencies, is the unique component within the EmoSpark home console. EmoShape demonstrated the console in London this week before the first units are shipped to those that invested in it through the crowdsourcing funding site IndieGoGo.

The Android-powered Wi-Fi and Bluetooth console uses artificial intelligence-like learning to ‘bond’ with and get to ‘know’ its owner through measuring human responses to the content it retrieves and plays.

EmoSpark finds multimedia from various online resources such as Facebook, Wikipedia, YouTube and weather satellite feeds to play music, videos and respond to questions from the household.

The EPU processes human reactions to EmoSpark’s suggestions to better match its owner’s tastes, preferences and moods. This means over time the console learns to reflect the likes, dislikes and even personality of its owner.

Patrick Levy-Rosenthal, founder and CEO of EmoShape, said he developed the dedicated EPU chip because ‘emotion processing’ requires too much computing power for it to run in software on existing home electronics hardware.

The EPU could be built into a wide range of consumer electronic devices, from mobile phones to TVs, to give them their own ‘emotional intelligence’. This would allow them to adapt and respond to human emotions as well as the literal meanings of commands. Levy-Rosenthal said the EmoSpark can even tell the difference between a real smile and a ‘social’ smile.

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