Formula One active suspension technology improves speed of armoured combat vehicles by 40 per cent

Combat vehicle equipped with F1 tech breaks speed record

Technology developed for Formula One racing cars has found its way into combat vehicles for the first time, allowing a CV90 to set a new battlefield speed record.

A Combat Vehicle 90 (CV90), developed by defence giant BAE Systems and equipped with an active damping system derived from the one used in F1 racing cars since the 1990’s, has proven in trials it can drive by up to 40 per cent faster than its predecessors.

The active damping system works by sensing the speed of the vehicle and lay-out of the terrain ahead and responding by pressurising the suspension to keep the vehicle on a level plane at all times.

The increased stability, which the system provides, improves handling in rough terrain and limits the wear and tear on the armoured vehicles. As a result, forces operating the CV90s could see their maintenance costs reduced.

The crew inside the vehicle would benefit not only from the easier handling but also from the lower vertical motions of the vehicle. The smoother ride, BAE Systems said, would make them less weary and improve their performance on the battlefield. The gunmen in particular would be able to find and hit targets with increased accuracy.

As the active damping system had originally been developed for for the sleek carbon fibre racing cars weighing no more than 700kg, the military technologists had to upgrade the system to be able to support the heavy armoured vehicles with a mass of up to 35 tonnes.

“Adapting the active damping system for the first time from a light weight car to a heavy tracked vehicle such as CV90 was a unique challenge for us, but this advanced technology will deliver results to our customers in terms of vehicle performance and savings on the through life costs, as well as providing real benefits to the front line solider,” said Dan Lindell, CV90 Platform Manager at BAE Systems.

The CV90 is designed and built by BAE Systems in Sweden and is one of the largest families of armoured combat vehicles.  CV90 is currently used in countries such as Norway, Finland and Denmark and has successfully performed in global operations including UN and NATO collaborations.


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