Biometric paint 'changes colour to reflect mood'

A UK company has today gone public with a biometric paint it says can gauge the mood of a person and reflect their emotions using a palette of eight different colours. 

According to HMG Paints, the Mood Paint uses "advancements in electrostatic binders combined with new, lead-free pigments, which allow for chromatic adaptation".

The firm suggests the innovative white coating could be applied to doors as a pre-warning for those entering the room as it will then show, by using biometrics, if someone is boiling with anger for example.

Talking about it, HMG technician Philip Carey said: “Thanks to the new development of electrostatic paint application we have created a biometric reactive colour-changing paint.”

The colour selection includes eight different colours for as many moods: angry – red; happy – yellow; stressed – orange; tired – black; hungry – green; sad – blue; drunk – pink and hungover – purple.

After testing the paint on the firm’s premises, HMG is planning on coming up with more colours and moods. Shannon Williams, print room administrator, said: “It was interesting to see what moods people were in through the day. I found my mood being influenced by the colour of the door.”

Paddy Dyson, HMG’s marketing manager, said: “This is a great warning indicator so you know what you’re dealing with for the day when entering the office of your colleagues or even at home.”

Tins will come equipped with a colour guide and at a special rate if people quote the code APRILFOOL.

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