Robochop, at work

Photo Essay: Robochop

This robot will get through thousands of foam blocks this week in Hannover. You can tell it what to make.

This is Robochop, which will be busy sculpting thousands of foam blocks into weird and wonderful shapes in front of visitors to the CODE_n’s hall at CeBit in Hannover in mid-March. It will be making whatever the public tells it to make. Anyone anywhere in the world can design their own creations within minutes using the simple software on their tablet, smartphone or computer. It will then be made at CeBit and sent to them. The German design duo Kram+Weisshaar adapted a conventional production line robot,usually programmed to perform the same repeated task over and over again, to build one able to make a unique creation every time.

They reckon it demonstrates the future of design and manufacturing, where the consumer is in control, with the ability to influence production to determine what product they receive. It is much more than customisation. Robochop is one robot working with one material, but imagine many robots all over the world, all working with different materials.

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