Online tool to measure UK General Election pulse

A political analysis platform will track the major parties on Facebook and Twitter to predict the winners and losers in the run up to the general election.

As the election looms the tool will look at how the parties are engaging on social media and will show who is gaining the most followers and who is losing support.

“By tracking the real numbers of fans and engagement, we will have a live barometer of what people are doing as a result of the parties’ social presence,” Jamie Riddell, founder of BirdSong, said.

Twitter is expected to play an important role in the social media strategy, so any spikes in follower growth may indicate increased activity or paid promotions.

The Green Party is now the third most popular party on Twitter, after Labour and Conservatives, overtaking UKIP and the Lib Dems. Labour has 40K more followers than Conservatives with 177K followers.

On Facebook, the fan size will help identify the parties with the biggest audience but engagement will show which parties and which messages are resonating most with their fan bases.

“When it comes to something as big as the General Election, we have the perfect landscape in which to assess how voters are thinking and what they are doing in the social media arena, who they’re following and who they’re not,” said Riddell.

BirdSong automatically updates the numbers nightly, to ensure the latest data is available every morning, providing an insight into who is leading the social media race.

The most popular Tweets of the day will be also highlighted.

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