Gogoro Smart Scooter


Brew beer by app, wave your arm to be seen and let coffee rule your life - the latest in consumer technology innovation.

Gogoro Smart Scooter


It's a crazy idea, but with talent drawn from ex-HTC and Microsoft execs, it might just work. Taiwan-based Gogoro proposes not just a 'smart' electric scooter, bristling with 55 sensors tracking your ride pattern to optimise power for you; their main idea is you won't charge your batteries yourself - instead you'll swap them at a network of GoStations all over the city, with a subscription to cover energy costs. The scooter will go up to 60mph and travels 60 miles before needing a swap. Gogoro has raised $150 million so far to bring its vision towards reality.




A fully-automated microbrewery that'll fit on your desk, Brewie promises to radically simplify the beer-making process. You can buy 'pads' from the company - ingredient kits you just dump in and let ferment for two weeks. Or you can customise the process as much as you like - with up to six different hop types in any one batch, and 23 parameters to control (including amount of mashing, boiling and cooling temperature etc.). Brewie more than doubled its IndieGoGo funding target and is now set to ship to initial investors in September - after which it will be available to buy more widely.


Smarter Coffee


"The world's first bean to cup Wi-Fi-enabled coffee machine" comes from the makers of iKettle, the Wi-Fi kettle. Of course, the Coffee does more than just let you order a cuppa from the sofa (keeping coffee warm inside for up to 20 minutes, until you're ready to pour). The Coffee also works with IFTT ("If This, Then That") programming - so you could, for instance, get it to automatically make a stronger cup of coffee if you get an interrupted or short night's sleep. As well as IFTT functionality, there are control apps (that'll let you schedule cups through the day) and connectivity with Apple HomeKit.


Meccano Meccanoid G15 KS

around $400

This four-foot tall Meccano walking, talking programmable robot will be available this autumn. It features voice recognition, and can be programmed to move via a ragdoll app, motion capture and via open source coding tools. The Meccanoid is also built using standard Meccano parts on top of the less standard sensors, motors and servos - so it's heavily customisable. Even the 3D files will be available to consumers to add their own custom-made parts to. Aimed at 5-14 year olds, Meccano is also working with schools and universities to "make its line highly compatible with STEM initiatives".


Lenovo ThinkPad Stack

from $50

Four ThinkPad laptop accessories that stack together and work together - cutting the need for extra cables. The Stack is made up of: a dual USB, 10,000 mAh Power Bank; 4W, 8 hours battery Bluetooth speaker and mic; Access Point for sharing Wi-Fi between devices; and 1TB hard drive. These items can be bought individually and mixed and matched - to double power, power the Bluetooth speaker for far longer, or to provide a Wi-Fi access NAS drive, for instance. When stacked, magnets hold the individual accessories together and the four together weigh 860g and measure 136x76mm (no data currently available on stack height).


Visijax Commuter Jacket


Raise your arm and this cycling commuter jacket will flash embedded LEDs to indicate your intention to turn. The jacket combines motion-sensing technology with 23 LEDs - white on the front and red on the rear, located on your chest, arms and back. Once you've raised your arm and triggered the LEDs, they'll flash for five seconds, so you can put your hand back on the bars and still have nearby drivers clearly see your intention to turn. The jacket is waterproof, Teflon-coated and has air-circulating venting to maximise breathability. A cheaper Highlight jacket only includes 11 LEDs and no motion-sensing.


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