Amsterdam's Schiphol airport was affected by a major power cut that caused traffic disruption in parts of the Netherlands

Amsterdam grinds to halt due to major power cut

A major power outage has hit the Dutch capital Amsterdam and surrounding areas, disrupting operations at Schiphol Airport and halting trains and trams.

The outage, reportedly caused by a technical problem at a high-voltage power station located in the town of Diemen in the suburbs of Amsterdam, has affected some 2.7 million people in the North Holland province.

Dutch electricity transmission operator Tennet managed to restore power in the high voltage network after about two hours.

The outage, the largest in the Netherlands’ modern history, forced Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport to switch on an emergency electricity generator but it wasn’t enough to keep operations going. The airport wasn’t receiving any incoming flights during the outage, diverting planes to nearby regional airports instead. Only a limited number of departing planes were cleared for take-off. .

The national railway said no trains were running in and around Amsterdam, and most trams in the city also stopped. Train operator NS predicted severe delays would continue throughout the day despite the power being restored.

At Amsterdam's Museum Square, firefighters had to free a man, woman and young child in a buggy who were trapped in a lift at an underground supermarket near the Stedelijk and Van Gogh museums.


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