Torin-Sifan's new �2m manufacturing centre in Swindon.

Torin-Sifan opens new Manufacturing and Technology Centre

Production of energy efficient electronically commutated fan technology will increase after Torin-Sifan opened a new EC Manufacturing and Technology centre as part of it celebrations of 50 years investing in British manufacturing.

Torin-Sifon has expanded its production of EC motor, fan and blower products and the new £2m centre in Swindon is set to increase EC production by 20 per cent by using purpose built productions lines.
Paul Kilburn, commercial director of Torin-sifan explained the efficiency benefits of using EC technology over traditional AC motors at the opening of the new centre. He said: “An EC motor is up to 90 per cent efficient. If you put 100W into it, you will get up to 90 watts out of it – there’s a small amount loss in terms of heat. A conventional alternative motor using traditional AC technology will give around 20-50 per cent efficiency. If you put 100W in you get 20-50W out.”
Despite an initial higher purchase costs, the efficiency benefits of EC motors mean lower running costs and a longer life cycle for products fitted with AC technology.
Kilburn also explained that alongside the new facilities Torin-Sifan have launched a new design of EC Fandeck.
He said: “We are delighted to demonstrate our continued commitment to EC innovation with our new EC fandeck platform. We are committed to ensuring we are at the forefront of the design and manufacture of highly efficient EC motor technology to offer our customers innovative, efficient and quiet solutions for both residential and commercial applications.”
Neill Sproston, Managing Director of Torin-Sifan explained how the new centre represented the company’s commitment to investing in the UK’s manufacturing industry.
He said: “As we celebrate 50 years of British manufacturing and innovation, we are delighted to open a world-class manufacturing centre here in Swindon.
“This expansion of our manufacturing capabilities means we are even better able to offer our global customer base cutting edge air movement technology and improved facilities will benefit both customers and staff.”

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