Start-ups tap into smart parking technology

Tech companies are using predictive technology rather than advanced planning to end the constant struggle of finding a parking space based on real-time mobile data analytics.

Now that GPS navigation and collision-warning systems have made driving more fluid, start-ups have moved on to coming up with clever ways to make the parking process quicker and easier.

Companies like UK’s JustPark, creator of a mobile app that lets users rent people’s private parking spaces, have capitalised on the parking industry worth around $25bn in the U.S. and $33bn in Europe each year.

Similarly the US has SpotHero and ParkWhiz that allow users to find paid parking areas or book places in advance, while BMW has been has been testing its own system, ParkNow.

However, by using predictive technology and data analytics a handful of Israel-based start-ups have taken parking apps to the next level.

Anagog for example, has developed an app that can point drivers to vacant parking spots on streets using crowd-sourced data from mobile phones. The software determines personal behaviour and knows whether a user is getting into a car or starting to drive away, freeing up a place.

“Our technology removes frustration, uncertainty and cost of not being able to find a parking spot,” said Yaron Aizenbud, Anagog’s CEO. The company says it has built up a network of tens of millions of drivers who add parking data daily.

Smart parking technology that relies on predicting when a space will open up rather than parking solutions based on advanced planning seems to have gained momentum, Joachim Hauser, director of mobility services at BMW, told Reuters news agency.

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