The new generation Raspberry Pi offers six times more computing power and twice the amounf of memory than earlier models

New generation Raspberry Pi six times more powerful

Raspberry Pi, the popular credit card-sized computer, has received a major upgrade providing six times more power and twice the memory compared with previous models.

Launched to the market today, Raspberry Pi 2 Model B developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, will be available for purchase through RS Components and Allied Electronics.

Selling for about £23, the new version of the popular gadget that revolutionised the way computing is being taught at British schools, achieves the improved performance by employing faster processor cores and increasing memory capacity to 1GB.

“The first generation Raspberry Pi platform has been widely adopted by many users in academic and consumer circles, and has also found use in industrial applications, where RS and Allied have played a very important role,” said Eben Upton, founder and trustee of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

“The company’s DesignSpark community and the extensive range of free DesignSpark product-design software tools are connecting students, users and engineers from many domains around the world,” he said referring to RS Components’ free computer aided design tool for electronics engineers, students and hobbyists.

The more powerful new Raspberry Pi aims to attract hobbyists, hackers and home developers, enabling them to develop more sophisticated applications running at higher speeds.

Raspberry Pi 2 incorporates the Broadcom BCM2836 application processor, containing a powerful 800MHz ARM Cortex-A7 quad-core CPU. The board layout, multimedia subsystem and peripherals remain fully compatible with the earlier Raspberry Pi Model B+, including the use of the extensive 40-pin GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) connector, four USB ports and an efficient switching power supply.

"The low-cost Raspberry Pi platform has proved to be a revolutionary tool in delivering programming to a whole new universe,” said Glenn Jarrett, global head of marketing at RS Components. “RS and Allied have been honoured once again to have the opportunity to work with the Foundation as a distribution partner for this exciting next important step in the evolution of the Raspberry Pi platform.”

The new Raspberry Pi 2 offered by RS and Allied is manufactured exclusively in the UK, under licence by the distributor.

Raspberry Pi 2: unboxing, plugging in and testing

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