UK cleantech companies to spur growth in San Francisco

A total of 16 companies will be sent this month to the US to identify growth opportunities and environmental solutions in the cleantech community.

The promising SMEs have been selected to take part in the ‘Clean and Cool Mission’ as part of a scheme ran by Innovate UK, where the firms will be able to liaise with and learn from key peers in their fields.

According to Kevin Baughan, director of technology at Innovate UK, this is a great opportunity for UK businesses to showcase their innovative technologies and get access to potential investors in the industry.

“Each chosen company has shown us new and exciting cleantech solutions with huge potential and addressing a multitude of environmental challenges faced by society today,” said Baughan in a statement.

The selected firms include a transportable solar power solution that enables self-sufficient power in off-grid locations, a plug-and-play solar power system with monthly payment plan, and a start-up promoting its low-cost and energy-efficient bio-aviation fuel for use in jet engines.

The entrepreneurial missions have been running over the past few years and have proven to be extremely successful with more than half a billion pounds being invested into the firms since their return to the UK.

“The level of investment achieved by previous Mission attendees is incredible and we’re really excited about the 16 companies selected for this year’s trip,” added Baughan.

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