Twitter wants to curb link-posting from Instagram

The social network sent some of its high-profile users a message, suggesting they should post photos directly to Twitter rather than sending links to Instagram photos.

The scope of the message was “educational”, as Mashable reported, and showed top users how to boost engagement by uploading photos straight to Twitter “to make sure your fans always see them”.

Instagram photos have stopped being viewable in tweets since 2012, when the Facebook-owned app disabled support for the option in what was seen at the time as an attempt to boost its traffic. It was around that time when Twitter began offering photo-editing options and filters in-app.    

It is customary for many users, including celebrities, to send an auto-post to Twitter once they upload a photo on Instagram, which shows up as a link without any image.   

The latest figures released by Instagram announced 300 million monthly users, outpacing Twitter’s 284 million.

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