Plastic recycling process without water

A new green technology has been developed to avoid water waste when recycling plastic that doesn’t require liquids, according to a Mexican recycling company.

The technology is able to process more than 90 per cent of any type of plastic including styrofoam, polystyrene and ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), reducing costs by half while maintaining the quality of the recycled plastic.

According to Marco Adame, founder and CEO of the green company AK Inovex, the new technology will make the recycling process more profitable without using water.  

"AK Inovex has a pending patent registration of the three technologies that integrate the development, which are responsible for cooling the plastic through contact with special walls and form the plastic beads,” he added.

The original recycling process involves washing and then grinding containers, with the plastic retaining moisture at a molecular level. For it to be crystallised it has to be first dehydrated at 180ºC and then cooled with water. The new technology allows for the direct formation of recycled beads, skipping some of the traditional steps.

“As a result the energy consumption is reduced by half, and also the physical space required to perform the operation is less because the system is smaller,” Adame said.

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