Cybersecurity is of increasing concern for individuals as well as companies

New biometric solution analyses touchscreen habits

A start-up company has developed an innovative biometric approach for detecting identity theft, with specific application for mobile devices.

Founded in early 2014, SecuredTouch does not use passwords to protect important information. Instead, its biometric technology uses continuous monitoring to catch suspicious activity inside a network. The technology can also be used to completely eliminate the need for passwords on mobile devices.

Passwords have long constituted the main line of cyber-defence for many Internet users. However, a plethora of new security technologies have emerged to strengthen the line of defence against hackers and malware, and SecuredTouch claims to be one of the most secure.

The SecuredTouch algorithms – which are identified with a set of specific user characteristics, based primarily on touch – are able to detect minute changes in behaviour which are not compatible with that of the authorised user and alert the system administrator or perform preventative measures to keep personal information safe. 

The recent hacking of Sony Pictures has highlighted the importance of cyber-security for businesses and the everyday user.

In November 2014, the movie division of Sony was penetrated by hackers and the firm’s internal network was compromised; some of its upcoming movies were leaked, prompting mass media attention and finger-pointing.

There has also been a recent development concerning the Heartbleed Bug. Said to be a major security problem at the centre of the Internet, hackers have been able to obtain users’ personal information unnoticed by using Heartbleed for the past two years. The bug has been dubbed ‘one of the biggest security issues to have faced the Internet to date’, underlining the vulnerability of personal information, and the necessity of good online security.

Talking to E&T, Yair Finzi, SecuredTouch CEO, said "today, mobile retailers and application developers need to choose between a fluent user experience and security. By eliminating insecure passwords and relaying on our proprietary biometric technology, we will allow users to shop and use mobile apps without a cumbersome login process and with a higher degree of security than they have today".

SecuredTouch’s current target market is companies that wish to boost internal and external security for their services, notably enterprises. Cloud services in particular – Facebook to Dropbox, for example – are good matches to SecuredTouch’s continued monitoring approach.

Unlike SecuredTouch, the cyber-security company BioCatch believes that passwords will not disappear from the web anytime soon. Founded in 2010, its system uses over 400 different parameters per person to create each unique user profile. Its technology can reportedly provide a reliable secondary line of defence against cyber-criminals.

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