Engineers call on all parties to commit to infrastructure

Engineers have launched a campaign ahead of the general election in the UK to ensure that infrastructure will play a central part in the government’s economic plans.  

The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) have started their official general election campaign 'Commit to Infrastructure' after having put together a paper in December last year to make sure political parties make long-term commitments to infrastructure.

The initiative urges political powers to look beyond the election and assess planned investment for the coming decades in a “‘wide array of long-term assets, from airports to wind farms, which all cover returns over their lifecycle”.

“Political courage is going to be key over the next six months and beyond, if we are to secure the infrastructure the UK needs and deserves,” said the report.

The target is to improve on the UK’s current 27th position in the World Economic Forum’s overall quality of infrastructure ranking. For this to be achievable the ICE have set up a five-step challenge for politicians for a more strategic vision for infrastructure that’s more accessible to the general public.

The community of engineers took to Twitter to popularise the debate in the run up to the general election using the hashtag #Commit2Infrastructure. One user questioned one of the main parties’ detailed policies on climate change.  

The paper will be followed in February by a detailed manifesto outlining more policies that should be adopted plus a series of meetings and debates across the country.

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