Brits back need for digital policies in 2015

One in five people would vote for a political party that made digital policies a priority, new figures from a technology company reveal ahead of the general election.

More than a half of UK customers also thought that the Government could do more about the country’s digital strategy, according to figures released in a comprehensive report into digital services by the technology firm Fujitsu.

"We are speeding towards a digital-first Britain. From click-and-collect through to renewing our road tax online, the wealth of digital services available has driven great behavioural change in the UK,” said Michel Keegan, chief executive of Fujitsu UK and Ireland.

"We are now more confident in our ability to use the services offered, we understand the benefits and as such, it is consumers themselves pushing organisations to create a digital future."

The research suggests that party leaders should be focusing on improving digital policies with less than five months away from the general election. Brits are ready for a nation that is 'digital by default', with a fifth of UK consumers always opting for a digital-first approach like online banking or bill payment when it is available.  

The study also assessed people’s attitudes towards specific sectors that employed digital services and identified a desire from UK customers to see further improvement in the local government (24 per cent) and Westminster (20 per cent) in order to remain relevant in the race to become a digital-first nation.

Although digital services can fast-track payments or online orders and give people more flexibility to make their own decisions, the UK still needs to take a considerable leap forward to become a digital-only country. Out of those surveyed, 12 per cent admitted they did not use digital services either because they preferred human interaction or because they felt it was too complicated to use them.

"The UK's digital future is, in some ways, just beginning. For it to continue at this pace, organisations have a responsibility to continue creating digital services that simplify the customer experience," added Mr Keegan.

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