Bike to recharge mobile devices by pedalling

A bamboo bicycle that transforms energy generated by pedalling into electricity can charge mobile devices and comes with a Bluetooth connection, a company has announced.

A converter, made of a circuit that starts on the rim, captures kinetic energy and transforms it into electricity after passing through a system located under the seat.

The role of the system, said Cristina Espinosa López of Bambootec – the company that came up with the design – is to regulate the voltage generated and prevent discharges. This distributes the energy evenly and prevents unexpected electricity fluctuations that might damage the devices.  

“Once the converter regulates the energy charge, this is transmitted through three channels of power, which are cables with an USB output,” explained Espinosa López.

“One is connected to the navigation screen located on the handlebars of the bicycle, which indicates the number of kilometres and time passed, and provides the option to establish a connection via Bluetooth to link to a smartphone.”

The bike also comes with a frame made of bamboo sticks replacing the common metal parts in order to make it lighter and less prone to heat, but also to ensure greater resistance as it can support 120kg.   

After initial testing, the bicycle has shown that it can charge devices with 1 per cent per minute. According to Espinosa López more is needed to be done in order to optimise the system to accelerate the charging process, but there is scope to mass produce the product.  

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