Baltic Data Highway provides the fastest data link between eastern and western Europe

Baltic Data Highway provides fastest cross-European comms link

The fastest data link connecting eastern and western Europe has been launched today covering 3,000km from Tallinn to Frankfurt with a single optic fibre.

Called the Baltic Highway, the data link leads through infrastructure managed by utility companies such as high-voltage power lines and gas pipelines and provides a total throughput of 9.6 Tbit/s. With a 35 milliseconds latency, it provides a capacity of 100G per channel.

"This network is highly relevant to big data operators as well as finance institutions and banks, which consider fast data exchange important,” said Juozas Rumbutis, Head of the Sales Department of Lithuania’s Data Logistics Center, one of the partners behind the project.

“It is important to the mega data centres of Microsoft, Google and Yandex, established in Finland – up to this day they used to employ the 10G data transfer networks. Baltic Highway is like a freeway to Frankfurt, only without crossings and border control."

From Tallinn, Estonia, the link goes through Riga, Latvia, Lithuanian capital Vilnius and Poland's Warsaw to Berlin and Frankfurt. Plans are already being discussed to extend the data highway up to Saint Petersburg in Russia via a 100G connection and to Belarus via a 10G link.

More than five years in development, the project required an investment of over €1.5m.

The project was jointly implemented by Lithuania’s Data Logistics Center, Latvia’s Latvenergo and Estonia’s Telev.

The project’s proponents say the Baltic Highway is the first and the only seamless network using infrastructure provided by a single manufacturer.

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